Late minute trip + 4 kids. Arrival Day

I booked this trip for my four kids (ages 7, 6, 4 and 2), my mom and I last Friday and we arrived yesterday, October 16th!!

Today I was hoping to make it into MK around 1:30 or so. It was a party day, and I figured we’d hang until 6 when the park closed and head back to the Poly to crash for the day. I had our group split for FPs: Space/7DMT, Speedway/Ariel’s Grotto, and all together for Buzz.

This day started out bright and early! Because we had booked our trip so late, our flight had only scattered middle seats available throughout the plane and none of us had seats together. The AA travel agent I spoke to assured me they would not seat anyone under 14 without an adult in their party, but encouraged us to get to the gate early to make sure we could switch around a little easier. So, for our 7:15 AM flight we got to the airport at 5:15. We got through security, and as soon as the agents arrived at our gate I went up to request our seats to be switched. When I told them what had been assured me by the travel agent they sighed, and looked at me wide eyed and said “I wish they wouldn’t promise anything. I mean, we will do what we can but we can’t make blood out of water. This flight is oversold.” After 10 minutes or so, they made it work but we were in the very back row of the plane after we had paid extra for the remaining seats on the plane when we booked. Oh well. I was just happy we were together.

Come 6:30, we noticed our plane wasn’t at the gate. Boarding was scheduled to start at 6:45. They then made an announcement that our plane was in the hanger and hadn’t yet been put into service for the day. At 7, they delayed our flight to 7:30 but they assured us our plane was on the way to the gate. Then, our delay was pushed to 7:50. Then 8:10. Then 8:50. Ugh. We FINALLY left around 9:15 our time, 10:15 Orlando time when we were originally scheduled to land at MCO at 10:52.

About half-way through our flight, I check my DD2’s diaper and make a mental note to change her ASAP once we deplane. Then I looked around and notice we did not have her diaper bag! With all of her diapers for the day in it!! Ah!! We must have left it somewhere in the airport at DFW. As soon as we deplane I head for the gift shop and buy a small pack of diapers and wipes that sets me back $20. I get her changed and we hop on the DME. By this time it’s about 1:00 and I’m thinking we’re going to be pushing it to make it to MK and will for sure miss our first set of FPs and maybe the second. I get onto MDE and drop Ariel and the Speedway and pick up one altogether for WtP for later in the evening.

We made it to the Poly around 1:30 after stopping at the Cabins at FW and Ft Wilderness Lodge. I had already checked in on MDE but went to the counter to make sure we could get a pack n play for my DD2 and to grab my mom a magic band since she had lost her one from last trip. In checking us in, they discove me that (1) all of the kids are linked all over the place into different MDE accounts (mine, my husbands and my mom’s) and (2) my DD4’s park ticket had been assigned to DD2 and she didn’t have one linked. I had realized this when I was making FPs but just went ahead and made them under DD2 not thinking about the fact that (1) she doesn’t have a magic band and (2) it would render my 4 year old’s magic band useless for the trip. It ended up being a major hassle to fix all of this. Probably took about 45 minutes total to straighten everything out.

By this time, the kids were just really needing to rest and ask if we can skip MK and stay and explore the Poly and rest a bit. My mom and I agree as we are exhausted and want to rest also. We agree that if we fee up to it we’ll head into Epcot later for EMH.

At this point, our room isn’t ready and it’s almost 2:30 and we haven’t eaten lunch. We swing into Captain Cook’s and grab food and immediately feel so refreshed. Then, we popped over to Pineapple Lanai and grabbed Dole Whips. Our first ones ever and they did not disappoint!! So delicious and refreshing! It’s now 4:30 and our room ready text hasn’t come in yet so I go to check on it. Thank goodness it was ready to go when we asked!!

We are in Fiji on the third floor. I am super pleased with the size of the room. We have SIX people in here and it’s comfortable. Two in each queen bed, one kid on the fold out couch and my youngest in the crib in the middle of the floor. Our building is a bit of a walk to the TTC (which we would find out later) but right next to the marina and in view of the super cool volcano at the pool.

After a rest, everyone was feeling refreshed and the kids insisted they wanted to go to Epcot. I felt incredibly exhausted and guessed they did too but agreed to go into the park for a bit. Around, 6:00 we got to the TTC and hopped on the monorail just as the doors were closing. DD4 fell asleep on the ride over. When we got into the park, DD2 was looking reaaaalllly sleepy and DD7 and DS6 wanted to ride SE. so, my mom stayed out with the littles and I took the bigs on the ride. No FP here since I had planned to use them at MK. Standby was posted at 15…I think we ended up waiting 12. After we got off, DD2 had passed out. The bigs insisted we go to Soarin’ but about 2 minutes into walking that direction my oldest changed her mind and said she wanted to go back to the hotel and sleep “Mommy, I’m just so so tired!!” But DS insisted he wanted to go. So, we headed over. SB was posted at 25 minutes. He and my mom went into the Land and I had to wait outside with the stroller and DD7. The CM outside said she could take my magic band with me to get the RS pass on it just in case DD7 changed her mind and wanted to ride it after they were done.

While they rode Soarin’, we grabbed some Mickey pretzels and fruit and sat and people watched. After they rode, we skipped the RS and hopped back onto the monorail around 8:15. So very tired. We were back at the Poly and settling into bed by 9:30.

Such a good, exhausting day!


sounds like a full day! You are brave to tackle WDW with 4 kids. I have 4 too but not as close in age as yours. Glad your mom could go with you guys. Look forward to reading about the rest. Hope you have a great time.

That sounds like a busy day, but a fun one nonetheless. Enjoy the trip!

So glad you were able to rise above the travel troubles and still have a successful first day. Hope your next day goes more smoothly!