Late June Early July Capacity / Crowds

We were thinking of visiting June 30th - July 2nd as there appears to be availability at the parks. Just wondering what everyone thinks the crowds will be like? Will Disney be at full capacity? It will be me, my wife and a 4 year old. I’d rather not go if it will be insane and will plan for another time. We all had a blast 2 years ago, but the crowds were minimal (by disney standards anyway).



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Word on the street is they are around 42-45% capacity now.

It’s going to be a hot and busy time of year. I would adjust expectations

Or consider another time of year — which this particular year will be next year at best as the rest of this year and early next will be busy and continuing to ramp back up to normal capacity

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If you meant Disneyland, it’s unknown what their capacity will be by then, but they are currently at/near 35% (the maximum that they can have with the California tier restrictions and in their current tier level). June 15th, when the tier system for California ends, they will be able to set their own capacity (so back up to 100%), BUT they can only go as fast as they can re-stock and callback/hire/train CMs. It takes about 30 days for that to happen so the thinking is they’ll gradually increase throughout the summer. Yesterday they announced a new round of dining locations that will open June 17th and a few on July 2nd (they already had some things announced for July 2nd, notably the Disneyland Hotel). My guess is that they won’t be at full capacity until it’s only refurbishments that are closed. And right now there’s still a ways to go before we get there.

If you mean Walt Disney World- what @OBNurseNH said. And definitely be wary that Disney World’s system has had glitches and overbooked the parks recently.

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I would add that butting right up against the 4th of July weekend, the crowds may be heavier than a week before or 2 after.

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The first year that they had passes that were blocked on weekends that week was actually a great week to be there (we were there). This year with no passes (and right now no fireworks) it’s all unknown. I know that I figure the closer I go to June 15th the lower capacity there will be and so we’ll go ASAP, get our Disney fix, then sit tight again on a next trip until entertainment is back.

Oops. Mixed up my parks. I gotta somehow exclude the DL talk from my feed

I was definitely talking about WDW.



No! Don’t exclude Disneyland- it’s nice to see you popping in on this side too! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the all the help. We had the week of the 27th off, but it seems Disneyland is all booked up reservation-wise until the 2nd, and it seems like that will be booked soon as well. We might just try and do 1 day, and if it’s too busy and a bust, no big deal, otherwise, maybe a different date.


This year is anyone’s guess, but weirdly enough, in the recent past, the 4th was not that bad at DL. I had several friends go and thought they were nuts! They said it was great and not that crowded. Probably in large part to blockout dates for passes.

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You are too sweet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Well, we wound up booking Monday the 5th and Tuesday the 6th, park hopper both days starting at disney. Crowd calander says it’s a 10 on monday, lol. We’ll see. Either way, we’ll make the best of it. If my daughter gets a Mickey pretzel and a balloon it’s still the best day ever for you, lol.

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