Late Extra Magic Evening at MK - a few questions!

Hi there! A couple quick questions I’m wondering about for an 11pm-1am EMH at MK. Do characters meet this late at night at all? What about the silhouette artists along Main Street or the Memento Mori spooky pictures - will they shut down around regular close or will they be open this late? I’m trying to plan the best use of our time. Thanks so much!

I remember commenting one time that the wait to meet the Princesses in the Fairytale Hall was only 5 minutes.

That would have been last Christmas / New Year time.

I don’t recall any meet and greet lines outside though.

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Well, I did find this here on Touring Plans -

But I am still wondering if characters who don’t have a building meet (such as Peter Pan or Mary Poppins) will be out and about at all with Extra Magic Evenings, or if all the ride stores (like Memento Mori) are fully functioning the whole time, or the silhouette artists on Main Street go home or keep working. Hmmm…