Late day 4th FP+

Any luck we could get a parade/show FP+ if we are park hopping? Level 5 day in November? Was hoping to get a MSEP FP+ so we can stay put for castle show and wishes, but might only have the chance on a day we PH?!

Most reports are parades and fireworks not available from kiosk in same day.

Thank you! I was thinking that, but trying to create TP around a night that with MSEP & wishes- only 2 nights during our 6 night stay!

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Thinking you won't have much of an issue getting a good spot on a level 5. 15-30min should be fine. I'd do 15min if I watch from Frontierland.

We were able to get FPP for the second MSEP about an hour before it started at kiosk. Tons of extra space available once we got into the roped off area.

This was in June on an 8 day btw.