Late checkout at WL?

Anybody know how easy/difficult it is to get late checkout at WL? Just the standard 1:00 instead of 11:00, nothing extra late.
I think we have before but can’t remember for certain. We are contemplating MVMCP on our last night there and having the option of late checkout the next morning would be nice.

Are you wanting to just stay in the room or do you have plans? Also are you taking DME or will you have a car available?

We don’t have plans at this point - we’re staying at MVMCP until midnight the night before so having the option would be nice, we’re planning late breakfast at WCC (right downstairs) when we check out.

It will depend on how busy they are. If they are not then I am sure it wouldn’t be a problem. What we did when we wanted late checkout was we checked our bags and then just stayed in our room till check out. After that we enjoyed the pool and everything else. That way we were still relaxing but we were out of our room since we couldn’t get late check out :frowning:

I’m thinking that even just an hour would be helpful, if we could get noon checkout. We’ve only ever asked once and got it but ended up not needing it. I just remember last year that we stayed at MVMCP last year till it shut down and the kids were WIPED, lol. Especially w/ those blackout curtains…they slept till 10:30 the following morning, lol! We could always let them sleep till 10:30 if they were exhausted even w/ 11:00 checkout.

What we did on check out was had everything ready to go. Then we slept in and had our clothes ready for that day. Threw our night clothes in our suitcases and was dressed in no time :slight_smile: I would always ask! It never hurts to ask :slight_smile: It will just depend on how busy they are and if they have someone coming in after you check out :slight_smile: I hope you get :slight_smile: We have been to MVMCP 2 times and MNSSHP 1 time :slight_smile: