Late buffet breakfasts

Has anyone ever done a 1030am breakfast buffet at crystal palace, akerhouse or any other character breakfast in the parks . I figured this would allow us to go on a ride or two before crowds got too crazy. What u think? Better ideas??

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I have been considering this myself!

I did Character lunch at CP which was really good. Think it was 11:30. Gave me a little more touring time.

We are doing at 1010 CP later this month. I can report back?

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I think I saw this recommended in the Unofficial Guide. It gives you time t take advantage of the shorter lines first thing in the morning and it can double as lunch.

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This is what we do every time at CP, and we definitely have time to ride before. We love it! Ours is 10:15 this trip.

how late does the breakfast food stay out cause my kids LOVE the bacon :grin:

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We went to a late morning breakfast at CP last week. It was busy when we first got there, but by the time we left, all the crowds were gone and we got to see the characters more than once. There are two buffet lines. Toward the end of breakfast they close off one and start prepping for lunch. The restaurant is essentially closed during that time, so no new people come in, but the servers and characters still come around. I didn’t stay long enough for them to open back up for lunch, so I can’t tell you how long breakfast stays there after lunch crowd comes in. I suspect not for long, though.

We had an ADR for TH at 10.40 in AK last October. It was perfect timing since we could check in there right after we came out of the 10.00 AM Lion King show. We payed the (lower) breakfast price, and were able to help ourselves to breakfast items for our first serving, and then they brought out the lunch selections at around 11 ,which we were also encouraged to help ourselves to. The restaurant did not close between breakfast and lunch. We also loved the character interaction. Great food, great characters - a perfect TS meal! :smile:

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I’m doing a 10:20 @ TH. Plan on showing up round 10:25 -10:30 so we can get seated a lil later and get to sample some lunch as well. How late is still ok?

We have never showed up late for an ADR so I don’t know. But we were able to eat leasurely for an hour at TH with no problem.

Went Jan 2016 with my sister, niece and nephew. We had a 1030 reservation at Tusker House and we were able to have some breakfast and then lunch. I had never been there so I really enjoyed it. We are not big breakfast people. We only do one character breakfast and that is Ohana’s.

Ooh I did not report back, did I??

We were just discussing how very much we liked the late morning breakfast ressie. And now that so many other people are in the park before RD because of the hub show vs train station show, preRD is less critical (previously a big draw was an empty Main St for photos - you dont have that anymore).

The 1010 allowed us to sleep til a more reasonable hour, ride 4 rides before breakfast, and have a little break after. None of us wanted any lunch, and instead just had snacks. We had a QS dinner instead of the TS we had planned (I did the old modify and cancel trick).

We will definitely do a late morning breakfast TS again. It was lovely :slight_smile:


You’ll be fine with that window. We were 20 minutes late to one ressie this trip and nobody even batted an eye.

What is the modify and cancel trick?

Also at 10:10 we’re you able to get breakfast or lunch or both?

You are supposed to cancel a TS reservation 24hours or more in advance to avoid the $10pp no show fee.

But if you forget or change your mind day-of (which is what we did), just modify the reservation to a later date - any later date - and confirm it. Then, immediately cancel it. Voila - no fee!

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We were late to this reservation, arriving at about 10:25 (I was sweating it a bit, but nobody batted an eye). We were there until about 11:30. They were setting up the lunch buffet when we were leaving, so we did not. But had we lingered a bit longer we certainly could have. We were really just there for the puffed french toast (breakfast) so missing lunch was fine with us :slight_smile:

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