Late breakfast seatings

Thinking about booking close to 10:30 (the last available breakfast time) at Garden Grill before break on our Epcot day. I don’t want to do pre park breakfast because it’s an EMH day. What would you expect at a late breakfast ADR? People have mostly cleared out? They are running behind and we’ll have a long wait?

You should be fine. I’ve a feeling that most will be cleard out.

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That’s my hope!

We had a 9:45 ADR on an EMH day at Epcot and had a table in less than 5 minutes!! It worked perfectly.


It’s not any different than the early ones. Except st buffets you may get to participate in both meals. But at TS it’s just the same. Which is good.

Breakfast and lunch have an hour between them, so I definitely don’t think any of the lunch crowd will be there yet, was just concerned about them being backed up.

It will be clearing out. Just don’t be late for a 10:30. Because they stop serving breakfast after that you may get pushed off until lunch starts. We were about 15 minutes late for a 10:30 ADR and they had to ask a server to stay late for us and check with the kitchen to see if they could accommodate us. The characters came around early in our meal too.

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