Late breakfast at CRT?

Hi all,
ADR day is about a month away so I’m trying to figure out what I will want to book.
We did dinner at CRT last trip and loved it. It’s the one ADR that we will repeat this trip. I kind of want to try breakfast but I know it’s not a good idea for my family to schedule anything pre-RD b/c they aren’t morning people on vacation. The earliest we made it to MK last time was getting off the bus right at 9am. So I’m kind of thinking of doing a later breakfast around 10:15 or 10:30. That way we’d have an hour to tour the park and then have our breakfast. I’m kind of worried that we may be rushed though if we are one of the last seatings though. Has anyone had experience with this?

also, we did BOG lunch last time and it was nice but not a repeat for us. I’m wondering if dinner is an experience worth trying once even though we already did lunch?

Crystal Palace for a late breakfast?

we did CP for dinner last time and it was nice but not a repeat for us, where as CRT is a must.

I would book it for around 10:15-10:30, to allow yourself that very important first hour for attractions. Then, go enjoy your brunch, and get back to touring with fpp, as everyone is settling in for lunch.

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