Late Breakfast at BOG

I was going to schedule a pre-rope drop BOG breakfast. But I just realized it is extra magic hours that morning. Do you think it would be worth it to use a QS dining credit to do a late breakfast (maybe 10:30) after we’ve been to the park for a few hours. Is the food good? I am thinking the air conditioning would be nice in August, but maybe there is a better QS in MK that would make more sense. What do you think?

We are doing Spirit of Aloha at 5:15 that evening, so I don’t want to do a late lunch. Thinking about a late breakfast or early light lunch.

If you’re on the dining plan then it’s a great deal, arguably the best use of a QS credit. If it’s an 8 am opening then you can get allot done before 1030 so I say go for it! I think breakfast can be as late as 1050 too


Breakfast at BOG is an amazing use of a dining credit (breakfast is $28 per adult; for those 21+ you can get a mimosa or a bellini at breakfast which would otherwise cost $10). The food is fine (not fabulous). There are pastries plus your entree so you get plenty of food.

Good idea if on the DDP, if not then it’s an expensive meal

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Late breakfast is always a great option. Use the EMH tonfull adbantage and then enjoy a delicious break!

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I didn’t know a bellini was included on the dining plan! Yum! I am definitely sold

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Yes love late breakfast! Then I can get a lot done before!

Yep. Alcoholic drinks if available at QS and TS meals on the DDP.

we did exactly that! made the switch to late breakfast when the EMH were released. and it was a great decision… the food isn’t wonderful, but the break was!! (it was pouring rain this day)… we did what we wanted for 2hrs, hit lots of rides, then ate, and ran thru the park for several more hours.

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