Late August Park Hours

Heading to the parks Aug 17-21. Maybe it is because I am older now, but I recall being a kid and it was a huge treat leaving Disneyland after 10 or 11 pm as the park was closing.

I get that there is a Halloween party one night of my trip. But why a 7pm MK closing time on Thursday Aug 18th? Any chance 1 or more of these days gets extended (I am guessing not at this point)?

Also, has Epcot always been a 9pm close? Seems early. We are staying at BCV. I was hoping to get kids to bed with my DMIL and drink around the world over a few nights with my wife. Seems unlikely given the operating hours.

Maybe a private event? It’s not one of the cast members EARidescent Evening dates.

Yes, it’s been 9:00 for most nights for several years. Sometimes during busy times, EP has been open until 9:30 or 10:00. But now that they have the Extended Evening Hours most weeks, they close at 9:00 even in the summer. Since you’re staying at Beach Club, you can take advantage of the EEH at MK on the 17th.

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Over the years, the park closing times have gradually been earlier and earlier.


The 18th is currently a mystery…you are there during our week :slight_smile: We generally book the same time and there is usually a night that is some large company throwing a party. It’s my annual reminder that I need a new job!

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Good to know. Fortunately we have great plans that day, so an early night for extra pool time isn’t the worst thing in the world.

August hours will be updated probably end of next week. A 7pm close definitely seems like it’s for a specific reason though so I wouldn’t expect that to change.

I know Epcot closes at 9 after Harmonious… but how intense are they about ushering you out? Are shops open after fireworks or is everything shut down? I should know the answer to this question but my brain isn’t working and I can’t remember.

Great question. I am sure I can buy merchandise for another hour+, but can I buy drinks and food?

I know the food kiosks close at 9… but yes I would imagine the shops are open until 10? I’m sure someone has the definitive answer haha.

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

That is on the 19th, MK is closing at 7pm on the 18th for what others here guess is a private event and 6pm for MNSSHP.

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As @missoverexcited predicted, hours were updated. AK had closing extended an hour. MK did on one day as well. Epcot and HS are opening a bit earlier.