Late August early September memory share(closed)

This is for anyone that is interested in sharing memory maker for the end of August beginning of September. I am going August 30-September 5

Interested my dates are 9/10-16.

Posting shyviolet1983’s info on here so I don’t forget about her.
My dates are 9/7-10

my tentative dates are 9/2 or 9/3 thru 9/7.

Not sure if my dates would fit, 9/6 - 9/12, but I am definitely interested

It should be fine because you have a 30 day window from the first day of the first person to the last day of the last person and no one that said there interested yet is that far out

Awesome. I am absolutely interested in sharing! :smile:

I am interested, going 9/5-9/12. Email

I am definitely interested. My dates are 9/3-9/8. I am not very familiar with using this forum but I’ll figure it out. Saw the post on chat.

I"m interested- my dates are 8/23-9/3.

I am going to wait a few days in case someone else decides they want to join before finalizing anything. But how many people would you be comfortable in a share as we can split up into more than one group if anyone wants to. The more people the less we would have to pay but the more picture we would have to go through to find ours. I would like at least five people in the group but would be ok with more if other people are ok with that. There are eight of us that have posted on here currently.

I would like 5-6 but i think 8 would be a max. Its just me & my one son so shouldnt have a whole lot of pics but we are doing alot of character meals and ride alot of rides you get pics on

It’s only me and my husband so we shouldn’t have to many either but we are doing CRT and a good amount of character interactions though

I’d be interested. I’m going 8/20-8/28.

I am interested for sure! Dates are 9/5-9/12!
email is

Looks like if everyone currently posted stays interested we will be splitting up into two groups. Which means we will need two hosts. Has anyone on here been in a share before and has experience with how it works?

We would def be interested, our dates are August 27-September 2. Email

Same dates as you, @thenightgoddess…my email is This is a great idea! We are also doing a few character meals so it makes sense for us

It doesn’t really matter to me, I would say 5-6 people. Our pictures will be with me, DH and DS, and we (and by that I mean me) try to take full advantage of photo opportunities.

My e-mail is