Late August - Avoid Weekends?

Planning a trip for myself, my wife and my two kids for August 2020 (I know its early but the planning is half the fun) and my kids will be 6 (almost 7) and 2 (almost 3) at that point. I am targeting late August, we want to avoid school vacation weeks and we went last September so we are aware of how hot it is and believe we can weather that (weather, get it?). My understanding in reading various crowd calendars is that the second half of August can see lighter crowds, my original thought was a 6 night trip with the following itinerary:

Thursday - Arrive
Friday - Magic Kingdom (2019 calendar says Halloween party, “1” rated)
Saturday - Resort Day
Sunday - Magic Kingdom (2019 calendar says “3” rated)
Monday - Resort Day
Tuesday - Epcot (2019 calendar says “3” rated)
Wednesday - Depart
Thursday - start planning next trip

My question is should we try to avoid the weekends and shift the arrival date to the previous Sunday? Other crowd calendars on other sites indicate weekends could still see moderate crowds. The flip side is we would have to be going earlier into August which tends to be a bit busier. Thanks for your help!

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I think right now the estimates for low crowds will go until SW:GE opens on August 29th. I haven’t been in August, but I have been in September. I would think you’ll see similar weekend crowds to what you see in September. Someone else may tell you I’m completely wrong.

You’ve got Saturday as a resort day, which should do a good job of avoiding the busiest day.