Late arrival touring strategy at HS

Any suggestions for a touring strategy for HS 2pm arrival in early August? I’ve visited and planned previously, but that was before the FP reservation system. I am thinking of trying for a tier A FP for right at 2pm, then trying to get another ‘day of’ FP right after that but don’t know which ones to try realistically try for. We want to do all the major rides if possible (Tower of Terror, Rockin Rollercoaster, Toy Story, Star Tours) and will stay until late close at 12:30am. Would also like to see fantasmic at 9 or 10:30. Any suggestions?

Is there a reason that you’re not planning to book three fastpasses in advance?

No, I thought I could only book one at a time. Or only one in each tier? I must be misunderstanding something!

If HS is the only park you are visiting that day, then you can book 3 fastpasses at either 30 or 60 days depending on whether or not you are staying onsite. You get one Tier one pass (one of the Toy Story rides) and two Tier two passes (everything else).

You mentioned Toy Story Midway Mania so I would use that as your Tier one. I would probably do RNRC and TOT for the other two since they usually have the longest lines.


Yes, exactly as above. 2pm, 3pm, 4pm. You can probably even squeeze in star tours standby when you’re closer to that end of the park for TSMM. Worse case, after your 3rd, but I’d bet you can still get another tower or coaster for the evening too.

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Thank you!

Also by August Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Saucers should be open.

Yes, I realize those attractions are new and will likely have long lines, too, but I don’t think they will be much of a priority for us.