Late arrival time and room requests/assignments

We’ve always had good luck with room requests at Disney resorts (using TP room request fax - has even worked with rented DVC points), but we’ve always arrived on property pretty early in the day. For our September trip this year (check in 9/17; driving down from GA), we won’t be arriving on property until 11pm. I am wondering if this will effect our room request? I’m guessing yes, and I’m ok with it - just worry about getting assigned a left over room no one wants. Will be at BRV, and we were hoping for a nice view of Bay Lake, or even some trees - but I’m wondering if we’ll get one of the rooms overlooking the laundry bins :sob: This is a resort heavy trip (only doing a 2 day park ticket) - normally the rooms don’t matter so much, and we are 7 day park ticket people - but this time I find myself caring a little more about room assignment as we are likely to spend a good amount of time in the room.

Has anyone had success with getting the room they requested (or close to) despite a late arrival to Disney property? Has anyone gotten a less than desirable room when checking in late? Obviously a room at Disney is better than a room anywhere else, but we’ve been spoiled so far as far as granted room requests, and I do enjoy my Disney views :upside_down_face:

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We’ve arrived late and early… the two times I didn’t like what my virtual notification gave me I went to the Desk and they looked to find another room for us. CMs usually want to make guests happy. So, my suggestion is to wait and see what you get and go to the check-in desk if you’d like something different. Good Luck! Have fun!


It’s funny, we have a harder time when we arrive early. They usually haven’t finished cleaning all the rooms so we have to choose between our desired room and a room that is ready right then. We’ve had better luck when we arrive late!


This is true if you want access to a room right away. I just wait until they notify me.

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I would not indicate my late arrival on my online check-in
I would indicate an earlier-in-the-day expected arrival
When I got my room assignment text I would verify it meets my needs
If not, I would stop at desk to request update.

Caveat here is that using this method you really might get the leftover room nobody wants as the second offer.


I’m about 50/50 - half the time, the folks I’m traveling with are desperate for a room right then - half the time I can convince them to wait for the room I want!


I would suggest just waiting and ask if you don’t like your room. But no gaurantee… not sure how DVC works but could you upgrade your room category to make sure you get the view you want? I see it means a lot to this trip And I can understand why!


No bookable view categories at Boulder Ridge :confused: You can have a view overlooking the pool, Bay Lake, nice wooded areas - and then there are some rooms that overlook less desirable areas. I’m probably being too picky :rofl:

Just a reminder though for anyone renting points.

It has been known for the front desk to literally upgrade people to a more expensive room category at take the points from the owner’s account, even if that means borrowing points.

Not only would you have to pay more for the extra points, you could also seriously ruin the owner’s future vacation plans.

Be very careful to stress you do not want an upgrade, just a different room in the same category. Even saying “better view” could result in a standard view being upgraded to lake view, for example.


Good info!

Okay I didn’t know that, I always worry before a trip then when I get places it works out! So not too picky at all!

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Did not mean to suggest asking for an upgrade.

I never suggest that - points or cash - it’s just rude.

Totally acceptable to request a room within the booked category that is more to one’s liking, though.


The one time I got nothing like what my request was (ok, it was a corner room on the second floor, but as far away aw possible) was when I arrived late. I obviously can’t prove it, but I feel like someone else was probably given it and went to the desk to complain and since my room number hadn’t been sent to me yet they changed it.

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