Late Arrival on Busy Day

We are a group of 6 - Mom, Dad, 2 Kids 7 & 9, and Grandparents - arriving Sun, March 1. Plan to use one of our 5-Day PH tickets as soon as arrive at DL - around 3:30pm. That day is a CL 7/10, so DL will be very busy when arrive. Wondering how to use our time that afternoon. Want group to get a feel for the park, without hopefully being too overwhelmed. We’re not counting on riding any main attractions that day. What would you suggest on a busy afternoon for first-timers?

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I often do this - show up in the afternoon or evening my first day. Often we will pick one area of the park and just ride whatever has short lines and maybe try to get some FPs / MaxPass. You’d be surprised how much you can accomplish. A good option if you have little kids or are not a thrill seeker is fantasyland. Most of the rides excluding Peter Pan usually have short waits throughout the day.

Now that Galaxy’s Edge is open, that’s another place you may want to scope out in a relaxed pace. You won’t get on any rides since you need a BG for RotR and MFSR will have an hour wait (Fastpass arriving soon - will likely run out early in the day), but there are lots of shops and diversions to explore, especially beautiful in twilight and at night.

Keep in mind that a 7 isn’t actually oppressive. It may feel busy but I have had lots of fun on 7-8 days. Even 9s are ok, but not as fun on a hot afternoon.

Check the parade schedule that day. I think there is usually one at 3pm and that would be a great start to your trip. Don’t worry about having a great place to watch from, just aim to be on Main Street.

Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I’m sure Galaxy’s Edge will be a big hit, even without rides.
And checked that day’s schedule - parade at 3:30, just as we expect to arrive! (Another at 6pm too if miss that one.) Seeing the parade will be a great start to our Disneyland adventure.