Late arrival at AK

I’d be grateful for any pointer on this plan. We may drop either B&TB or Nemo if time is pressing but keen on the other duplicates. Will arriving a couple of minutes late for our Tusker ADR be a problem?


I think your Tusker time will be fine. You should be able to enter Dinosaur 5 minutes early.

I have to say I am wondering about your wait times after 5:00pm. I know there has not been much data and I honestly think they look off. Primeval Whirl 4 minutes? I do not know if I have ever seen that and Kali?

Do you know what time the trails close? I know they are not open at night but is Discovery Island Trails different?

That’s really helpful. I guess we could choose bewtwen Prim. Wh. and the second Dinosaur ride if the waits are terrible.
I wonder if the Discovery Island Trails says open longer with the carnival? How might I find out - I’ve just relied on - there is nothing about closing times on the Disney Calendar?