Late April Visit

Anyone have experience visiting the last week of April? Is it usually super busy? TP levels don’t look bad…but I’m hearing otherwise and looking for some extra input! Thank you!

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Easter is late in April this year so that will affect crowds. How I can’t say since a later Easter means school spring breaks have been spread from mid March all the way through April.

I went early May last year and the crowds that were there were manageable. But I will agree that since Easter is late this year, that may affect late April.

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My CLs for April 28-May 3 are 3 and 4. My waits seem to good to be true. I’m hoping they’re right. I am going a full week after Easter is over so I’m thinking everybody will be back to school by then. Traditionally, April after Easter through mid-Msybis a great time to go so I’m curious where you’re hearing otherwise.

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I was planning to go April 23rd, with our first park day April 24th. Just now planning everything, so I know we’re out of luck for some priority FP.

Ah - that’s still Easter vacation so yes, crowds could be a bit higher.

Are there typically school breaks the week of April? Spring Breaks are all over here & no breaks around Easter either.

I think most are over but I’ve seen some say they have off the entire week after. (NY). Trust the crowd calendar. They look at the biggest 100 school districts acotar country to factor it in.

We have visited the first week of April and found that crowds weren’t a complete nightmare. The weekends were busier, but generally we got everything done that we wanted to do. Longest wait was Frozen at EPCOT in 2016.

Our spring break is Easter week.

Most schools in the northeast have Easter week off for spring break if they also had a winter break over President’s Day week. We are off that week as well (and will be at WDW the 20-27, so we’ll overlap).