Late and not-so-great FastPasses

Have a late-booked trip to Disney next week and most of our FastPass options in Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios are late in the day or not that great. Imagine Spaceship Earth at 7 PM, or some Animal Kingdom show late at night that doesn’t really need a FastPass. The touring plan optimizer doesn’t even wind up using them.

My understanding is that only when you use all of the 3 FastPasses that you book beforehand do you get additional in-the-park same-day FastPasses. Given that, what’s the right strategy?

Is it better to not book any FastPasses beforehand for these parks? Does this mean we have the opportunity to get same day FastPasses immediately when they’re available?

Or is it better to book all 3 FastPasses beforehand, regardless of time of day, just in case the lines are worse than expected, even if that means we don’t get the opportunity to get same-day ones?

Is the FastPass booking situation likely to improve as we get closer to the trip?

I would say to book them and then start trying to modify right away. But Especially morning of visiting that park. Same-day passes are released every morning; you can then modify your late ones to earlier. Not ideal for having a TP ready to go, but maybe have a Plan A (if you can’t modify) and a Plan B (for if you are able to modify) at the ready.

For our last minute trips, I tried modifying the night before and was able to get my FP time slots MUCH earlier. Other peoples plans are changing and they are changing FPs then too. When u wake up is also another good time to try to modify.