Late afternoon FP+.. Indiana Jones vs. Little Mermaid?

We’re doing an afternoon at HS, not arriving until 2pm, going straight to eat at Sci Fi for an hour. We plan to tour until Fantasmic, and have our FPPs currently set for ToT, TTMM, and Indiana Jones… but I’m thinking of swapping out Indy for Little Mermaid. Thoughts?

keep your FP for Indiana Jones. It is a very big stadium but it fills in quickly for some shows. Little Mermaid is nothing special but if you have kids the love the Little Mermaid then go for it. Indiana Jones is a movie set action show and gets quite the crowd most shows. Don’t miss Frozen sing along. It is not what you think as you do very little singing and it is mostly a comically show that you and or your kids will love.:rofl:

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The best part of the Little Mermaid is that you are sitting down in a dark room with full blown AC. Great for a power nap. And I am saying that LOVING the little mermaid.