Late ADR arrival

I was wondering how long the restaurants are willing to hold you ADR before they consider it cancelled. I’m asking because our first reservation in our arrival day is at 1215pm . We arrive at MCO st 930am. I just worry that by the time Magical Express gets us to AKL and we drop if luggage we won’t make it to HS by then. Would they still take us at say 1pm. I’ve been trying to get another reservation but unable . It’s at Sci-fi so I’d hate to cancel. We’ve never been.

The general rule of thumb often cited is to allow 3 hours from plane arrival time to being at your ADR. That allows for getting off the plane, stopping at restroom, getting your baggage, waiting for DME bus to load up and head out, waiting for bus to drop people at other resorts before yours, checking in, stopping at your room, then going to the park and to your ADR.

You can help shorten that time by letting DME grab your bags (or only have carry-ons) and doing online check-in. Others will tell you they’ve been able to do it in less time, so 3 hours is meant as a less-stressful rule of thumb.

Someone on chat recommended to me to book a reservation through open table to eliminate the possible charge if cancelled too late. You might look into that if it’s a DS restaurant. The DS restaurants have two ways to book. Just a thought.

We were told by an official CM over the phone that they give us 15 minutes grace for the meal reservation. Maybe consider an Uber/Lyft from AKL to HS to save some time?

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FWIW, we have shown up far later than 15 minutes and gotten to eat before. I think we were around 30 minutes late to a breakfast ADR on our last trip thanks to a slow safari at AK and while our reservation was in red, we were seated with no issues. You may end up with a longer wait, but I’d be surprised if they turned you away.

I’d suggest having the number for the restaurant on hand so if your flight is late you can call and let them know. In my experience they will work with you - we were once very late to a Le Cellier ADR on arrival day due to a combination of the airlines and then some ticketing issues due to a split stay at the Poly. The Poly front desk called Le Cellier for us and even gave us a complimentary cab to get us there quicker after all the ticketing issues were resolved…