Late 2019 trip - when to go?

Hello. Wasn’t planning on coming back until 2020 after a trip late May/June this year but we can’t wait that long
We have DLP booked for March 2019 so thinking late 2019 but the question is when?? Want to balance crowds and weather - avoiding school holidays etc
Also got Star Wars opening in the mix - think we want to avoid that and do that other year
What do people recommend? September looks very quiet but high risk of bad weather. Early October pre school holidays (uk) looks good crowd wise as does early November. But is there any idea on Star Wars dates?
We stayed in SSR last time as hadn’t other family with us but will be just 2a and a toddler this time.

SWGE opening is quite the topic of speculation on many forums. The rumors of limited up-charge preview events only adds to the confusion. And of course, Disney has said nothing other than “Late Fall”. The “consensus”, if there is one, is that the opening will fall somewhere between Nov 1st and Christmas - but when it transitions between previews and general opening is anyone’s guess.