Last week of June or July 2023

I’ve reserved our hotel for the last week of June, but the last week of July is also showing a slight discount as well-same in price as June. Which week would be “better?” I think the hours at each park should be the same, but I’m not sure about early park entry. Can anyone think of any advantage of one week over the other? Thanks!

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The only thing I can think of is that if you end up getting a Universal Annual pass for the purpose of potential AP hotel discounts. The cheapest universal AP is the Seasonal AP and for that one the whole month of July is blocked out.

While past operating hours and Early Park Admission schedules are no guarantee of future ones, this year (2022) only IOA had EPA in June. But in July, both parks had EPA.

Temperature and Crowds will be similar. Maybe very slightly higher in July.

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Ah yes, that is true. We have been contemplating APs, and July is blocked out for the lower 2 tiers. I think Spring break is also blocked out for the lower 2 as well, which means for us that maybe getting APs isn’t the best option since we are restricted to DS’s school schedule-he will be in high school next year. Anyone know approximately how much of a discount there typically is for either RP or HRH for APs in the summer months? I realize to hold out for an AP discount is also risky in case it doesn’t happen or if inventory is low and they get booked quickly…

I did just look at the past summer hours on touring plans. DS and I love the early entry at IOA for Hagrids, but we also have loved going to Diagon Alley the one time we were there and US had early entry. We aren’t worried about the heat or crowds. We will have express pass, and the past 2 years we’ve gone to Disney in August. :rofl:

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Some schools end in July

Ugh…just the potential AP snafu for July otherwise I think our choice would be clearly then…

We start school at the end of July and most schools around us start by the 2nd week of August. That could potentially be a factor in why July is less?

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