Last Week of December

Talk to me about the week after Christmas. My 12yo son and I will be there the 26th, 27th, and 28th and then again on the 29th or 30th (17yo will be performing with a marching band).

I know it will be crazy busy and I’m thinking we can rope drop the first two days easily (coming from the east coast) then sleep in a bit on the 28th to do the nighttime stuff.

We were there last summer so we don’t have to do everything, but I would like to see Fantasmic as it was closed when we visited. Is the holiday WOC that different from the regular one? I liked it, but if I have to pick one I’m leaning towards Fantasmic.

Any insight? We will be staying on Harbor for the first three days then moving to the group hotel in Newport (with bus transportation back for the last day).

I have not been during this time, however we went this past January 7-10. The crowds had died down by this time. My approach to really crowded days,regardless of time of year, is to RD in the am then take a break mid-day (roughly 12-4) and return to close the place down. I also highly encourage you to use Maxpass. With RD and MP I am sure you can accomplish everything you want.

I have not seen the holiday WoC, so I cannot speak to that. You can alway check on YouTube and watch it to get an idea if it is worth missing F! Sounds like you are leaning towards f! So I might suggest you go with it.