Last week November vs First Week December

Planning an early Christmas visit to WDW.

Noticed that TP is predicting slightly lower crowds the first week of December (Pop Warner week) versus the last week of November. This includes a couple of days where MK is predicted at a CL 1.

Looking at the historical crowds, the week following Thanksgiving has been less busy then the Pop Warner week for 5 straight years.

I’m wondering what the model would be seeing that would cause it to predict a different outcome this year?

I’m still leaning towards the November week.

We did the week (Sat - Sat) immediately following Thanksgiving and the crowds seemed low. Granted, I have never been in a park listed above a 6 so I may be biased. We got A LOT done that week. You will have to be careful of MK due to the MVMCP dates. Days with the party may be lower during the day but you have to leave at 6 if you don’t have the party ticket. Days without parties can get crazy busy with people wanting to get a full day in that park.

Glad to hear a positive from someone who was there at that time last year.

Historically, it’s been a really good week to go. But January used to be too until this year!

Was there12/1-7, 2017. Crowd levels were for the most part 5 and 6. Not the least crowded but definitely manageable. I was with a group of 12 family members and even with such a large group we were able to get everything done we wanted. Looking to do the same week once again. i did the week after Turkey 2 years ago but found not all parks and resorts were decorated for Christmas. Maybe that has changed but i know EPCOT wont be decorated until after the food and wine.

Good to know. I have heard varying reports on how much Christmas stuff is up the week after Thanksgiving,

I have both weeks booked. One in my wife’s name and one in my name. I’m going with whichever one has cheaper airfare on Southwest.

We have gone the week before the week of Thanksgiving and then the week after Thanksgiving (which was first week of December once)–for 4 trips since 2008. Crowds were low on all occasions. First week of December, you might catch filming of Christmas parade–which can be cool as you can either watch or hit the rides while everyone else watches!

I am planning the week after Thanksgiving this year and I noticed that TP has MK closing at 4:30 PM that Thursday. From what I have read, this is for a cast member appreciation event. Have you run into this since you have gone this week before? I am just wondering if the chances are pretty high that this event will actually take place on this day.

I’ve been toying with both weeks myself! Have week after Thanksgiving booked but keep second guessing my choice. Haven’t been to WDW at Christmastime in 20 years so want to make sure I get to see and do all of the holiday stuff.

The filming was Nov 3-7 in 2017. So, likely not a factor in after-Thanksgiving visits this year.

If that’s the case they’re going to have to cut back on the MVMCP since touring plans has the MK closing by 6:00 four days between 11/25 and 12/1

In 2017, that Thursday was indeed a 4:30 closing for MK. That was normally a MMVMCP night. They did not do it that week in 2016. I don’t know what their pattern for CM parties is, such as if it changes dates or rotates among parks.

Starting with the 2017 MNSSHP and also with the 2017 MVMCP, the park closed to day guests at 6 instead of 7 like previous years. The projected 6pm closure should be right in line with the 2017 closing time.

I know. My point was if there’s really 3 Christmas parties plus an employee appreciation night that’s ridiculous Disney will close the magic kingdom by 6pm four nights that week.

But the park already closed early 4 nights per week just for the 4 Christmas parties per week. The CM event took place instead of, not in addition to, the Christmas party on that Thursday.

Ahhh, good to know. I guess it really depends on when Thanksgiving is too. We were there in MK for it at least once but I could definitely have mixed up which trip!

Update: I was able to get a DVC Rental at BLT for the last week of November that I had kind of given up on. So I’m pretty happy about that and am now locked in for that November week.

With all the short MK hours that week I’m going to alter my TP a bit. I figure that we’ll try doing 2 or 3 shorter visits to MK since we are so close,

When does Disney usually announce the park opening/closing times for November/December? I am just wondering when will we know if they will close the park at 4:30 for Cast Member party?

I think it’s the 15th of the month prior.