Last week in october

How busy does it usually get the last week of October? I know its free dining so just wondering how bad it will impact crowds

I was there last fall, 10/28-11/4 & while I did feel it was busier than late September into early Oct of the prior year (2013), it was still manageable. We were there with a free dining package as well & while we did have several ADR’s set-up at the 180 mark, we also were able to make a couple on the fly while we were there. Trying early December this year to catch all the Christmas events & half of our dates overlap with the Pop Warner events so hoping we won’t be impacted too much by bunches of loud kiddos :wink:

We had a very good experience, much like the previous poster. We were there in 2014 from Oct27-Nov4.

Great crowds all week, and we noticed a slight increase in the last two days. Very manageable. Party days were awesome at MK.

We booked all our ADRs in advance, and we’re successful with our fpp, too. We did get A&E, as well as 7DMT 3 times.

The weather was awesome…and of course, so was MNSSHP. Great time to go !!