Last Week in February 2019 Advice!

I am 9 days out from setting my ADR’s and I can’t decide which park I want to go to on Monday, Feb. 25th. I was originally thinking about doing HS that day but TP has it at a level 10 that day, but Kenny the Pirate and Undercover Tourist have it as the best park for the day. Then I see that AK has morning magic hours that day so I thought we might can make it an early morning and knock stuff out there and do a different park in the evening.
I have always heard to try to avoid MK on Mondays so I think that one is out. What do you guys think? You think TP is just shooting high on their expectations of HS for that Monday? It is the Monday after a Marathon weekend. Thanks!

I really wouldn’t pay any attention to that TP prediction. I am in the world the week before you. It is President’s Week and school vacation for much of the NE in a year that our April vacation is Easter ( so many more of us are going February). I have some 1s and 2s with one day showing as an overall 4. I don’t know why the numbers are off right now but there is a lot of time for them to be adjusted.


If the various crowd calendars are conflicting with each other, I would choose based on EMH and how the rest of your week looks. Or, I would choose the park with the best no-wait attractions options for me. For example, walking the animal trails in AK, touring WS, or the little diversions/shows in MK. Or plan a park that you could do a long TS lunch in. Pick whatever appeals to you the most at the thought of a really crowded day.

For us that would probably be MK. We’re going there two different days, so on the busy Monday we’d have our 3 FP and maybe 2 rides at RD. Then we’d plan for the Trolley show, Dumbo (to play in the waiting area), and other stuff like that.

It’s also possible that TP is about to drop their estimates for your dates. We’re going at the end of January and they dropped all our numbers right around the 180 day mark. I think they were planning for TSL to be a bigger deal.

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If you can get up in time to be there when EMH start and “hop” to another park later in the day, then that usually works really well. If you’re not going to be there for the whole morning extra magic hour, then I’d go somewhere else.

I don’t avoid parks based on the day of the week, so I’d be a little dubious of places still advising to avoid certain days. Mondays that are holiday weekends can be bad and this one looks like it’s right after a RunDisney race weekend, so that’s probably more crowded across the board than a typical Monday, but I’m not sure if that would impact Magic Kingdom crowds more than the other parks (I’m really not sure).

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I’m going the same week @PrincipalTinker - looking at historical, the mid-week part of Feb vacation actually usually is low (the weekend tends to be higher than what is in the crowd calendars)… While the Northeast has school vacations, the rest of the country doesn’t. One big factor which I’ve seen mentioned that may lead to lower crowds this year is that Mardi Gras is in March this year. Usually, when it’s in late Feb, it affects crowds because many Southern schools have time off for Mardi Gras… So maybe we’ll get lucky. :slight_smile: