Last week in April or 1st week of May?

I am planning a trip the first week of May, but I am pondering moving it to the last week in April. Any tips, does it even matter?

Why are you thinking about moving it?

I am going while DH is on vacation. He likes to work part of his vacation for OT. This would leave the latter part of his vacation open for that (he is not going, but will be staying home to take care of the kids, dogs, household, etc). Also, while I am well aware that the CLs are not a sure thing, they do look better. Which brings another question, is WDW better with a moderate crowd? I have found that I prefer DLR with a CL 6, 7, or 8, as the parks seem to have more available and run smoother, as they have more staffing and rides are operating at full capacity. I am wondering if this is the case with WDW.

Move it to the week of the 28th?

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One thing to consider. Easter is on April 21. The 28th is probably safe per @PrincipalTinker, but I think the first week of May might be better if you’re looking for smaller crowds. Others could probably give you a more informed opinion. Just a thought.


We went the first week in May in 2018 and thought the crowds were very manageable.

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I agree! I think the first week of May will be great but if the week of the 27th is better for you I think that would be good too. I would stay away from the week of the 21st.

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After Easter to about a week before Memorial Day is one of the best times to go to WDW, IMO. The week of the 21st you may have stragglers from Easter, so if you can go after that, I’d recommend it.

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The choices are between April 25-30 or May 2-7.

I would not base my choice on CLs. If the April dates will work better for your family, I would pick that week. It is the end of NH school break and in the Easter window but I have had larger than expected crowds in the beginning of May in the past. May 1st is HS 30th anniversary and they will be rolling out some new things.

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It does frustrate me when people waste time on the forums with trivial problems that are easily solved.

You do both. Last week in April and first week in May.

This is not rocket science, people.


That’s when we’re going 4/25-5/1. The only reason I picked it is because my kids have off the week after Easter, not the week before. Crowd levels may be a little higher that week for that reason.

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This is brilliant! Why didn’t I think of this??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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