Last Week in April Crowd Levels

I was told today by a Disney resort that the last week in April is Spring Break for the north eastern US. If this is true, does the crowd tracker take that into account? All of the rooms are booked, which seems to prove their statement, but this site shows Thursday April 28 as a level 2 for Hollywood Studios. Similar low levels for other parks that week. I have based our trip off of these low level numbers and would hate to get there to find huge crowds. I just want to make sure that this has been factored in. I’m loving this site, by the way.

I live in NJ (which is sort of North East) and our school district is off this week. However, my cousin is a teacher in CT and she has off April 18-22. Passover also falls the week of April 25 this year so that might be a reason some schools will have off.

TP factors in that, but a million other things also.
Because of assorted promotions, occupancy at WDW hotels is not necessarily reflective of how crowded parks are, since WDW hotels only account for a very small fraction of the total guests at the park on any given day.
WDW promotions are designed to keep the hotels full, even when there are busier or quieter days relative to other times of year.
There have been lots of changes recently with attractions closing, refurbing, and new things coming, so hard to say what impact that might have on crowds overall.

It is almost always NH spring break, but MA, Maine and I think RI have the week before off (think Boston Marathon).