Last Nights MNSSHP

With all the complaints on how crowded the 1st two MNSSHP’s were, I kept a close eye on the ride wait times at last night’s Tues party. We are going on Mon, 10/21 hoping since it’s a Monday it won’t be as crowded as other nights (I think this is the only Monday party).
I was getting very disappointed hearing how crowded the parties are, and was starting to regret buying tickets. But last night the wait times were all 10 minutes or less, and 7D was around 30 minutes. This gives me hope that maybe our party might be enjoyable.
Did anyone attend last night’s party, and if so, how did you enjoy it? How were the crowds for the parade & fireworks?


I don’t think you can compare any August/early September party to an October party? That being said, I have been to a sold out party, in the pouring rain, and had a blast!


I attended the party. This was our first party that didn’t include heavy rain almost the entire party. We do feel the crowds are increasing year over year compared to our first party in 2017. That all said we still had a great time every year.
The new show is really good. There is minor changes to the parade but its a great parade. Hocus Pocus is getting a little tired for us. As usual we have 10 to 15 pounds of candy accumulated between the four of us. That’s just hitting all the treat stations one time.
We really enjoy the magic shots we get from the party. That’s a big draw for us.

If you have specific questions feel free to ask. Expect a delayed response as we are still in the world and hopefully escaping before Dorizn

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I think one now must take into account the season pass type tickets to MNSSHP. Florida residents or those close to WDW will be buying them up and going as often as possible. This is sure to add to the crowds.

Going to my first party Oct. 6th - first time for 2 of us - where would be a good spot to watch the parade where you get to see the performances? Meaning not just them walking by but their performances along the way. (Hope that makes sense). I don’t want to watch it on YouTube because I want to watch it live the first time, I have seen bits and pieces and of course pictures.

Enjoy your time in the world! Curious what time you lined up for the 9:15 parade and the fireworks? I was planning to line up at 8:45 or earlier for the parade, and maybe a half hour before the fireworks.

We did the late parade. We went late to fireworks due to meet with Stitch. We didn’t have great spot for show. Arrived 5 minutes before it started. Stayed and claimed spot and watched Hocus. Parade came through wheel 15 minutes after show ended.

The best spots are anywhere along the route. The secret is to find a spot early and stay there. Guard your spot as well because there are those that figure they will get there late and push their way in front. Another trick they use is sending their kids to the front of the crowd and then follow them in like they have to take care of their kids. Rude to say the least.

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Thanks, I’ve been somewhat spoiled because our last 2 trips I had my mom in her ECV so I would camp out with her about 40 minutes prior to FOF in the special needs section and the rest of the group would just find a spot in Frontier Land. I don’t need to have that Main Street view, although it is beautiful.

It all depends on if you intend to take pictures or not. Many crowd in to take photos sticking the camera right in your face. Again, get there early (1 hour if possible) and be next to the rope on Main Street USA and park there letting no one push ahead of you. Kindly remind them that you have been there for some time and that they just got there. Stand your ground! I guarantee they will try this if you let them.

I’m toying with the idea of bringing my son’s GoPro to get a better video, but I’m not that good with it so I’ll have to see how much space I have in my bag if I bring it or not & how much time I have to play with it before I leave.
I’ve had people try to put their tall kids in front of my mom’s scooter at various times, I have no problems being assertive when I need to, but thanks for the words of wisdom!