Last Night Dinner Suggestion

Hi, I realize this is very subjective, but I’m having such a hard time deciding where we should have dinner on our last night @ Disney in December. We plan to head over to MK for late hours afterwards. We’ll have 2 deluxe dining points left. Thought I’d ask your opinion.

Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show
California Grill
Sanaa (will have eaten @ Boma earlier in the week)
Artist Point
Liberty Tavern

Thank you in advance!

We are having out last night dinner at California Grill, then riding the monorail around to see the decorations. All sound like good options. Good luck deciding.

Wow. Tough call. Artist point is on my bucket list. And it’s proximity to MK would be ideal.

LTT dinner is my familys favorite meal inside MK.

I love the bread service at sanaa.

You’d do well with any of the places you suggested.

CG is my favorite in WDW; it would be a perfect finale for your trip. I have yet to read even a sort of good review of Spirit of Aloha; I would definitely cross that one off the list.I love LTT for lunch, but don’t love the “institutional Thanksgiving” dinner there. Haven’t been to Sanaa or AP (yet), but both get uniformly excellent reviews.

I’d go with Cali Grill: great food/ambiance and a walk to the MK. Ideal way to end your trip and head over shoulders better than your other (excellent) picks. One if the great restaurants on property. If you want to stay in park, agree that LTT is arguably the best TS in the MK in terms of food. Sanaa is a fan favorite but better I think for lunch or an early dinner (when it’s still light out) so that you can see the animals. Can’t comment on the luau b/c I’ve never done it. Artist Point is great and you’d get to see the Lodge but it can’t possibly compete w the CG. CG all the way!!

I like cg, but what makes it special are the fireworks. If you can time your reservation to watch the fireworks, go for it. If you need to use 2 credits per person, then also consider Jiko instead of Sanaa, but it is also far from your final destination of the mk.

If you won’t be watching fireworks, I’d pick artists point.

December of 2014? Do you have reservations at all of these already? If no, I can’t imagine you’ll get into CG?

I vote Grand Flo - Narc, the GF Cafe, but would really like to do Mizners and eat all the fabulous plates they offer there.

2 adults or kids too?

Thank you all for your replies and suggestions! I do have a resv @ CG but not until 9:30pm. Fireworks are slated for 9:00, will keep trying to see if a earlier time opens. It’s just 2 adults, no kiddos.

With a 9:30 ADR, you can probably go up before the FW start, get a drink in the lounge, and go out on the deck to watch. Then come in for your table.


My lack of being able to sleep one night this week paid off, as I got online and thought I’d see if any better timeslots opened. I was pleasantly surprised that 8:45 was open. I quickly snagged it! Hopefully we’ll be sat just in time for fireworks.