Last MVMCP vs. Normal Park Hours

My husband, 4 y/o kiddo, and I are going to have one day at WDW on our travels back from a cruise in late December. The date we will be attending the park is December 22nd, which happens to be the last date for the MVMCP. Should we choose park tickets and rope drop to park close at 6 p.m., or purchase the hard tickets for MVMCP? I think the MVMCP would be fantastic but have read/listened/watched several reviews from 2018 that discussed how busy these parties get, especially the dates near Christmas. Totally realize it’s a subjective decision but wanted to see what others thought/experiences were with either attending the last MVMCP or being at the parks during day. Thanks!


Welcome! Will your 4year old be able to stay up late? I personally think MVMCP is a magical experience. To me, it is the combination of snow on Main Street, the parade, and fireworks.


I agree that the party is worth it. The falling “snow,” fireworks show, cookies and hot chocolate… The whole atmosphere is so festive. Will it be really crowded? Yes. But since it’s a limited ticket event, it will probably be less crowded than the regular park hours. It’s one of those things where you should decide ahead of time if you’re okay with the crowds, party or not…if your expectations are realistic, it’ll be fine. But if you are the type of person who can’t deal with level 10 crowds (like me) I would skip DW on the 22nd.

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The party is special at Christmas.

Also, you can enter the park as early as 4PM on a party ticket by going to the party specific tapstiles.

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And if you DO decide to go the party route and enter early, I would be lining up by 3PM for the party lines. It gets backed up and busy crazy fast.

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I’m going to be brutally honest. We went last December for the very first time. It is something we wanted to do, glad we did it, and would have been sorry if we had not. Having said that however, its one and done. We were packed in like sardines, and that was the 1st week in December. It was not fun, and left feeling like it was a waste of money. So those who warn about the crowds are right, you may enjoying the evening with the entire population of Florida. :wink:

If your priority is rides, you should go to MK during the day. If you are more interested in soaking up the holiday atmosphere, then you should do MVMCP. I love the party for the fireworks, parade and snow!

Thanks everyone. Appreciate your thoughts!

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