Last minute visit chaos - tour help =S

Awww, so hard to last a full long day. If we don’t take a midday break my kids get sleepy (or fall asleep) as soon as we stop go-going. The only way to maybe stop it is sugaring them up so they stay awake to at least enjoy the show.

You did fantastic & hope the taste you got was enough to hold you over until your full trip next year. If you want to share, would love to hear your thoughts overall :slight_smile:

FWIW I would have lasted the last 2 hours :sweat_smile:

We had a blast and are looking forward to coming back to hit some other rides, not rush as much since we did most the park, etc. Hard to take out all in when you’re raving the clock for rides and dealing with line queues. I liked the ease of CA much better, though I suspect that was due to early closure for OBB. Or that’s just the way it is, or a mix of both. Either way there was also much less to do so no surprises there.

We kept having bad luck with character meets, having the like cut off right before us for Mickey, Donald, and Miguel. We did get a pic with Chip though. Wife was sad we couldn’t find Goofy anywhere - does he even meet in his costume? At least we saw him in the cavalcade and had a good seat for it.

I was also psyched to get our Donald sipper :grin:

Here’s a rundown of our whirlwind week:

Tue morning: decide to cut the FL trip and figure out what to do instead. Choose CA for a trio of easy park visits despite crazy scheduling

Tue afternoon: finish all booking and FL cancelations

Tue night: depart 930 EST, arrive ~1150 PST

Wed 10am: arrive @ Magic Mountain and run pretty much the whole park til close. Stopped by WB to show son the water tower (where Yakko, Wakko, and Dot live!) since we couldn’t fit in a tour.

Thur: up at 530am to begin the Disneyland visit, stay until 1030 and finally leave.

Fri morning: Knott’s Berry Farm for 10am, leave around 3pm for the hotel to rest/nap as much as possible.

Fri night: red-eye at 1159 to Dallas, where we’re currently hanging out in the Capitalone lounge for 3.5hrs before finally leaving for home.



Magic Mountain, California Adventure, Disneyland and Knott’s in 3 days??? I salute you. I grew up in Ventura County, am a member of ACE, and I never even dreamed of that.


Thanks - We’re road warriors for sure! DS8 hit coaster #99 this trip, and #100 is shaping up to be Iron Gwazi in November. I should hit 200 on that trip, but with a FunSpot coaster or Ice Breaker depending how the days land.

Cedar Point is our home park (2hrs), so you know he got broken in well at an early age :slight_smile:


I am catching uo on your report to start daydreaming about my April trip. Needed to comment - there is nothing lame about corndogs and Ice Cream!


I am exhausted just reading this. Your family are troopers to run along with it. My DS11 would be way jealous if I told him of your itinerary. He’s been asking about Knott’s & Magic Mtn (and Universal). We have a local amusement park that was bought by Six Flags about 15 yrs or so ago & they’ve added a bunch of cool stuff while still keeping the local flavor it’s always had. And that’s where he’s tried anything slightly adventurous in the coaster world so far but he wants more! DD9 too. But she’s less vocal about traveling for coasters. One day we’ll get them on lots of fun ones.

All in all, with all that you did amazing and I am SO glad you have a full trip booked to come back & experience more of it. And yes Goofy, did meet in his costume in Town Square but it really is the luck of walking past the area at just the right time & I think on our 4.5 day trip in early Sept we only saw him the once out in his costume. So it really is pure luck.