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So we recently found out my husband’s business convention allots him his own room…and we were able to snag airline tickets at a very reasonable price! His hotel stay doesn’t start for 4 days after we arrive (we wanted a little time together before he has to work!) and I’m stuck on what to do for a room. It’s the Star Wars Marathon weekend…and everything is just flat booked up this late in the game! We have enough Starwood points to stay at the Dolphin and have a room booked for Saturday and Sunday (the only days available)…should we stay off property those two nights and still try to tackle Disneyworld that weekend or will it just be miserable with the marathon crowds? I’ve never done this before, but should we skip the Disney parks all together that weekend and try out Discovery Cove or Busch Gardens or something like that instead? That feels strange even typing out because we love Disney so much! But I’m wanting to make the most of our time and money. Opinions welcome!

Going to the beach sounds fabulous! I’ve heard New Smyrna Beach is good. You could also do Universal. You can do everything in 2 days, although 3 is easier.

If you do want to do Disney, I would book something off property that’s walking distance to Disney Springs. Then you can use the buses to the parks. I would aim for a room that can be canceled up to 24 hoys in advance though. Sometimes rooms show up at the last minute. People cancel or big booking agencies release the rooms they’ve been holding. I was able to add a night to my POFQ stay in 2014 about 2 weeks in advance.

I would stay at the Dolphin and plan to go to Epcot and HS those days. The biggest issues with the marathons is the traffic issues getting to the parks. You will be able to walk or take the boat to both Epcot and HS, thereby avoiding the traffic issues. You certainly could try the other options as well, it really depends on what you really want to do in Orlando. What are your plans for the days your husband is in his conference? How many days total do you have (what day do you arrive, when do you move to his hotel and what will you do then? Kids ages?).

We’re flying in late on the Thursday 4/20, and we have no hotel for that night or the Friday the 21st. We have reservations at the Dolphin from Saturday 4/22 - Monday 4/24 with no solid plans yet. Those are the 3 days we have with no work interfering. On Monday, he checks in for his conference) but doesn’t have to do anything at all, so that’s basically another free day. And then Tuesday his conference is all day from breakfast until dinner…so we have a completely free day just my 5 year old daughter and myself. Wednesday & Thursday, he finishes around 4 or 5. And Friday he finishes at 12 and we leave at 7 that night! I have ZERO things planned to do during that week! I was leaning towards going to the parks on the full day he’s working, and then we talked about him trying to buy one of those conference tickets that get you in just in the evening to come meet us another day. I’m open to any suggestions on what to do…I know there are some amazing options out there that we never have time for on our usual disney trips where we just want to be inside the parks the whole time!

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Here is what I would do: Is your husband interested in spending all his days before the conference in WDW? If not, maybe stay offsite somewhere the first 2 nights and do something he would enjoy on Friday. Plan Epcot and HS for Sat and Sun, and then go to MK on Monday until he has to checkin. Take DD alone to MK on Tuesday, have a Mommy and Me day where you do girly things- princess meets and character meals and whatever sounds good to a 5 year old girl. Wednesday I would take it easy in the morning, maybe take your DD swimming, or maybe the new character meal at Trattoria that has the princesses and princes! Go to AK for the afternoon and have your DH meet you there for dinner and maybe Rivers of Light. Thursday, whatever park your DH would like to meet you for dinner, or maybe you all will want an evening relaxing. Friday, a relaxing morning for you and DD, then spend some time playing mini golf, have a late lunch/early dinner, and head to the airport. We are not very good about doing other things in Orlando either. We do go to Universal each trip, but my kids are teens and we did not take them until they were 7&9. We also went to Sea World one time. I love WDW though, so that is where my thoughts always go when planning a trip to Orlando. Have fun planning!

Oh my goodness…that you even took the time to send out these ideas just means the world to me. What a thoughtful and wonderful plan!! I absolutely love so much of what you spelled out. I really can’t thank you enough for taking them time to do this.


I hadn’t even CONSIDERED the beach. I don’t know why it didn’t even come up. I think it’s so hard for me to think outside of Disneyworld because we just love it so much!

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@ wahoohokieI think the mommy & me day is probably my favorite! We hardly ever do really girly things like that but when we do she absolutely loves it. We both do. And I didn’t even realize there was a new prince/princess themed restaurant! That would be amazing.

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@Wahoohokie knows her stuff! She gives great advice!

You are welcome! I love the planning part, and since we go in less than 2 weeks I have nothing left to plan. :grinning:

Thanks @SallyEppcot! Now I can tell Tim all the hours I spend on Disney are worthwhile!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: