Last Minute Trip: Worth It to 2 Day Ship Magic Bands?

Hello All!

My husband and I have planned a spontaneous trip to Disney World next weekend.

We got tickets as an email confirmation, and it tells us to show that email at the park entrance to get our actual tickets.

I haven’t been to WDW in 10+ years, so I have no idea what this process is like. Anyone done that before?

Also, is it worth it to pay ~$50 to get Magic Bands with two day shipping, instead of showing our confirmation email at the park entrance?


I probably wouldn’t try to ship the magic bands, as there are still many issues with package and mail delivery right now. There was a 2 day priority that was sent to me at the beginning of the month and it took 3 weeks for it to be delivered. I would get the magic bands when you get there.

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I hadn’t even thought of the mail slow-down! Thanks!

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That email with the bar code is to just show at the entrance in order to enter. Its not specifically to get tickets, you don’t need them. The bar code is your tickets. We are going in 5 weeks and not even using magic bands. Just not really needed for us.


Thanks for the explanation! I was wondering what that barcode was, since the last time I went digital tickets weren’t even a thing. Knowing that barcode IS our tickets helps out a lot.

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