Last minute trip with four kids. How crazy would it be?!?

So, my kids didn’t have this Monday off for Columbus Day. Instead, the have Wednesday through Friday off next week. I was asking them yesterday on the way home from school what they’d like to do next week (in my head I’m thinking local, but fun stuff…the Texas State Fair is going on right now, so I had thought maybe that!) but my almost-eight-year-old responded with “Harry Potter World!! Disney World!!” Of course I just chuckled at her BUT started spinning my gears thinking “could we do that?!? How fun!!” My DH wouldn’t be able to take off work so last minute but I think I could get my mom to come with us. So it’d be her, myself and my four kiddos. Resort availability is pretty limited. It would probably have to be CR, GF, BW or offsite somewhere. I was looking at ADR availability late last night for today and was SHOCKED by what popped up - BOG dinner, B&C, CM, etc. I don’t have an AP so I can’t check FP availability but I’m wondering if, last minute, equally jaw dropping FP+ become available?? How crazy would I be to book a trip that leaves in 6 days?!? I’m thinking we’d do 3 day hoppers. Check in late afternoon Wednesday, check out Saturday.

Has anyone every done a trip this short notice?? How was it?? Also, we have a trip booked this coming February with 9 day park tickets (no hoppers). I haven’t looked at AP pricing/value at all but if we decided to go next week would it make sense to upgrade to AP?? I also haven’t checked the weather so it’s possible all of the hurricane related weather could completely squash this plan before it gets off the ground.

I’ve never done it, but it sounds like fun to me! If our budget allowed, I’d love to go to WDW for a long weekend on a whim.

I have no idea how FL will be next week in terms of storm recovery. Definitely something to look into and consider.

One other thing to consider. Would your DH be happy to have some down time at home to do whatever he felt like, or would he be sad to miss the trip? I wouldn’t want to leave my DH at home if he’d be bummed about not being on a trip.

I just finished booking it!! Gah. Excited and freaking out. Booked 3 nights at FW cabins. Trying to not let panic take over. :grimacing:


That is so exciting!!! :grin:

I’d look at the whole trip as gravy. Since you weren’t initially planning on going at all, anything you get to do is a bonus! Get a few fun ADRs, get some FP for rides you’ll enjoy, make a basic TP if it’ll make you more comfortable, but just relax and go with the flow. Sometimes, that’s when you have the most fun and the best memories.

(Now, if I could only take my own advice. :wink:)

You’ll do fine and it’ll be amazing I’m sure :slight_smile: my only thought when looking at your plans is that I’d try to add some more time (either checking in late on Tuesday night or checking out Sunday instead of Saturday). May not be possible in your situation depending, but just figured I’d throw it out there. Have fun! We are down to 14 days and I can’t wait!

Thank you!! Unfortunately, flights are pretty limited this close to the trip and we have to get 6 of them! So we arrive at MCO Tuesday at 11 and fly out Friday a little after lunch. So two full park days. Not going at all to the parks on Friday. And debating what to do Tuesday. It’s CL 1 at MK but closes at 6 for MNSSHP.

I’ve snagged FP+ for 7DMT and PP though so I’m feeling optimistic about our luck!


It might be worth it for ONE of you to upgrade if you are going again within the year. You’ll save on parking this trip and next, plus get Memory Maker for both trips (assuming you were planning to pay for it). Plus, then you wouldn’t have to buy tickets for yourself next trip. I’d run the numbers to see if it works out for you.

It might not make sense to get the AP for everyone, though, since the Memory Maker and parking advantages effectively disappears.

Is there a different park you’d be interested in visiting that has longer hours? (I’m not familiar with the schedule at this time of year as we’ve been planning for the spring.)

If it doesn’t make sense to go to a park, there’s always Disney Springs. I don’t know how old your kiddos are, but if they’re old enough you could consider doing “the Void” a Star Wars themed virtual reality experience. I’ve heard great things about it!

Well…maybe y’all can help me with my plans. We land in MCO around 11 Tuesday morning. We have 3 day hoppers. Had consider the following…

Tuesday - head to MK until the party starts and then hop over to Epcot which has EMH until 11
Wednesday - AK morning, long afternoon break and MK until however late we feel like (EMH 10-12)
Thursday - Epcot in the morning and if we feel up to it hopping over to HS. If not, just going back to the hotel to relax.
Friday - maybe a breakfast ADR and then off to MCO. FlIght leaves early afternoon.

My goal is to be very flexible and loose with these plans based on energy levels, weather, etc.

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That looks pretty good to me. (Not that I’m an expert or anything.) The only thing that I’d personally consider doing differently is maybe doing DHS first on Thursday if you think you’ll go. Since DHS is an optional one for you, I’m assuming you’re not looking to do Toy Story Land. (Sounds like a good decision for a quick trip, as TSL, esp. SDD, takes loooooots of time as I’m sure you know.) If you go to DHS early, many people will be tied up in TSL, which would presumably make TOT, RNR, etc. more free than usual. If you go later, the RD crowd might be done with TSL and crowding the rest of the park. I don’t have any data indicating that this would happen; it’s just what I imagine might happen.

Flexible and loose sounds perfect!

Thank you!!! Yes, I just figure because it’s gonna be hot next week and I keep hearing about how hot TSL is and crowded we’d just skip it this time. Only AS2 FP available for TSL at this point. Plus, we’re going back in February and plan to do EMM in TSL so we will get our fill then. No one except me would have interest in RNRC and only 1/4 of my kids would brave ToT.

Sounds like DHS is probably skippable for your crew on this kind of trip :slight_smile: