Last minute trip to...Dollywood!

eek!:flushed: That is…not a road to just end up on after dark, in the rain!

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DH is an excellent driver but that trip really tested my sanity. I just started to close my eyes anytime we drove up and dpwn the mountain. I don’t think I could do it.

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I’m kinda burying the lede… the president of Dollywood Parks lives in the building where I work. (His condo is on the 4th floor; our office is on the 2nd floor. A touristy general store occupies the ground floor and both basements in this historic pile of bricks.)

A couple of weeks ago when we had a chilly snap, I was walking my corgi back toward the building, and president of Dollywood walked right up to me and asked if the building was having problems with the electricity. I said not that I was aware of, and he said his condo had no power whatsoever. I said, “Oh, I saw a utilities guy here earlier today. You should ask Jennifer. The receptionist. Of the building management office.”

The whole time I was wearing my Donald Duck/Disneyland hoodie. :rofl:

Seriously, he seems like a perfectly nice guy.


I’m so excited you are going! And the friend aspect is super cool. I can’t believe I’ve lived here 15 months and haven’t been yet. I want intel!


:rofl: It’s cool that you got to “meet” him.

We are heading there on Sunday for the Halloween decorations

Make your reservations now if you can for Dreamore- Christmas time is stunningly beautiful.

The resort is beautiful and right up there with most of the Disney Deluxe rooms…and the perks for staying onsite are tremendous…

Honestly don’t miss the Sunday brunch at the resort omg it is so good

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Wave if you see us! Let me know if you need tickets-

I have a ton of leftover BAFs & 1/2 off from this year - thanks to my son getting his first real job I no longer have a built in theme park junkie


Haha! I will definitely wave! Yes I bought the gold pass just for this trip so I’m using my BAF. And then we hope to go back as a family for Christmas and I’ll use my other two BAF passes :heart_eyes: That is such a kind and generous offer! Maybe @QwertySC can take you up on those

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@QwertySC and anyone else lol touringplans meetup at DW?

Let me know when you want to go -

I have lost my roller coaster partner in crime!


I’ll check their operating schedule!

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@noreen99 @QwertySC we havent picked dates yet for a Christmas trip, so we could! I’m limited by blackout dates for BAF passes though :blush:

There is actually a big brew haha going on over what happens with the BAFs - it was announced yesterday with the renewals that they no longer have the blackout dates…

Part of the reason I am heading up Sunday is to get clarification-

Mostly I am going because I am missing HHN for the first time in years and I need a Halloween fix


So much good info! Thank you and keep it coming! I’m a bit pressed for time tonight but will come back in a day or two to ask more questions and get clarification on some of the ideas that were shared. The first thing that concerns me is the warning about driving in the dark. We arrive in Atlanta at 8PM and had planned to drive to Gatlinburg that night. Is that doable? I need to look at a map to get my bearings but my husband seems to think that Gatlinburg is where we should stay. How far is that from Dollywood?
Ok, another quick question: Should we spend one or two days in the the park? We have a total of 3 days to spend in the area.
Thanks again!


It’s 3 & half hours minimum-

I prefer night driving and if your taking I 75/24 to i40 through it’s really not that bad-

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The fog is no joke. While not the same exact area, I’ve driven from Kingsport, TN to Greenville, SC after dark and the fog can be curtain-like.

Still, I wouldn’t rule out the drive completely on that possibility.

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You might be more comfortable taking the 75 to 40 route mentioned above at night, even if it tacks on a little bit of time. It sounds kind of funny, but I have had my friends look up certain drives around here on YouTube to get an idea of the elevation/curviness (like a Disney ride🤣). If you do decide to take 441l/Newfound Gap, be sure to check and make sure that it isn’t closed before setting off. It closes pretty frequently in the winter.

Reading your posts looks like you’re flying into Atlanta from California. Does your flight land at 8 and you are renting a car? It’s possible that you might not be leaving the airport until much later. Airport is on the south side of town and it’s well over four hour drive to Gatlinburg Pigeon Forge area. I personally wouldn’t make that trip until the morning

I live on the north side of Atlanta and have driven both through 441 and the roundabout route via interstate 75 and 40. Interstate is much less stressful driving a rental car that you’re unfamiliar with

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Thanks @QwertySC for showing me this thread! We are staying in Pigeon Forge the last week of March and planning two days (or two half days) at Dollywood!

Correction, we are staying in Sevierville.


Here it is! Today is the day!