Last minute trip in March

I have the opportunity to take a last minute trip with DC in March. It will be just the 2 of us. I normally plan vacations well in advance at low crowd times. The week we can go is a very busy season. Is it worth it to go or will we be disappointed b/c we’ve been able to take advantage of low crowd times (1-4 crowd level)?

With a good plan there is no such thing as “too crowded”. Plan your days with breaks or other activities (long meals, a swim) during peak times. Enjoy!

If you judge “how good your trip is” solely by the number of rides you can do, then you might be a bit disappointed. For me, just being there, enjoying unique meals, and taking in all of the detail and theming is just as (or more) enjoyable as the rides (that I’ve all been on more times than I can count). It really comes down to what you like, and what expectations you have before going.