Last minute Trip-Have you ever planned one with a two week notice?

I have hopes of making a last minute trip to WDW in mid-December, but we won’t know if we can even go until the end of November. We have a free place to stay and will be able to use the Military Salute Tickets for this trip. I know good FP’s will be gone and I am not too worried about ADR’s. This will be more of a “fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants” kind of trip. We just went in March, and I had planned it for 1.5- 2 years! lol! So I am thinking this will just be a fun no pressure trip, because we did so much in March, that I don’t feel pressured to “do it all!” Is this crazy?

A little crazy but I would jump on the opportunity. I would start making some preliminary plans now to take off some of the last minute pressure if the trip comes together. Hope it works out for you!


DO IT!!! I once planned two trips in the same week (different groups) about a week before I left for the first round. DH and I went down on a Friday - Sunday, I did laundry on Monday, and drove back down with a friend on Tuesday-Saturday. It was an exhausting, whirlwind trip but it was totally worth every minute spent in the car (10 hours each way minimum).

I prebooked FP+ for rides early in the morning, taking whatever I could get. Even at 6 days prior, I was shocked that I was able to get morning times for things like Big Thunder and Splash. I was constantly refreshing and modifying them in the parks. DH and I were able to get a same day FP for 7DMT at 12:30pm


Oh wow! That sounds like so much fun! Yes, it would be a 10 hour drive each way for us as well. Thanks for the input!

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I just returned from a last minute trip on Friday. Booked it the previous Friday so we had 4 days between booking and departure! It was quite a whirlwind but as a whole amazingly fun. If you are flexible on times you can set up a res finder and snag pretty much anything you want ADR wise. I was also able to secure any FP I wanted except for SDD and FOP. I saw everything else. I think going at the last minute also just made the whole trip a bonus! Since I hadn’t been expecting anything at all it made me super flexible and not hard pressed to feel like I needed to get so much accomplished which made for a more relaxed pace.

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