Last minute trip for sanity

We had to cancel our upcoming trip for my DD school Fall break. It’s a long story, but it was looking like my husband’s health was going to prevent us from going, and then some other terrible things happened. Now after he has recovered and after going through these challenges, we NEED an escape! I have never gone to Disney without a plan. I need help! We have Marriott points and want to use those at Swan or Dolphin for 2 nights, transfer to Poly or Contemporary or Yacht Club, Beach Club or Boardwalk. Originally we had Swan Reserve (which failed to open in time anyway) then Yacht Club. We plan to reserve Epcot, HS, MK. and use extended evening hours Epcot Monday Oct 4 and MK Wed Oct 6. Any thoughts welcome. Swan v. Dolphin Contemporary v. Poly? Yacht Club, Beach, or Boardwalk? Also worried about COVID safety precautions.

Rooms seem really hard to come by right now. What’s your timeframe? For a short trip I would go with the least expensive deluxe. Can’t go wrong with any of those choices, though. All are lovely resorts.
It’s safe to say there are very little Covid safety precautions compared to when they reopened. No more social distancing, transportation is packed, etc.

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I stayed dolphin, but I think I would prefer Swan. When I visited it, seemed a more intimate less convention-y feel. You might check the bed size though - depending on your sleeping configuration I believe one has larger beds than the other in double rooms.

I’m no help on the others :woman_shrugging:

You might find it hard to find a deluxe room that isn’t a suite, judging by comments about availability.

Some people who were booked at the Swan Reserve have even been told there are no rooms at the Swan or Dolphin at a similar rate and have just had their bookings cancelled.

I would see what you can find first and then plan around that. But since you want to do both Epcot and MK I’d look at the Contemporary or Poly first. Although with the early entry you might want to Uber anyway than use the monorail, in which case it wouldn’t matter so much.

Ok booked Dolphin - Swan not available. I’m thinking Friendship Boat to back entrance Epcot and HS will be easiest.
If we moved to Riviera for MK day - what would be the best route home after extended hours, so midnight (probably more like 1am on Oct 6). I’m assuming home to Poly at 1am would be way easier. Those are my 2 options.

I would think the bus back to Riviera or walk to the Contemporary and get an Uber from there.

I don’t know if the boats run that late, so the best way of getting back to the Poly would probably be either walking or wait for the monorail. I’d still choose the Poly.

Yes definitely the boat - the walk isn’t too bad either depending on how comfortable you are walking. Particularly dolphin to Epcot - pretty and along the boardwalk.