Last minute trip & Deluxe Dining Plan

We were able to book a trip for February. Super excited and overwhelmed since I haven’t had months to plan. I need tips on making the most of the Deluxe Dining plan. We have five day tickets but no hoppers. Staying at Caribbean Beach Resort. Of course, many of the most popular restaurants are booked soo will have to watch for cancellations.

I have the deluxe plan for the first part of a split stay. I am planning on using all of my snack credit at the food booths in Epcot. I like to go to a signature or other 2 credit meal and a 1 credit a day. Since an appetizer comes with every meal you could share some meals and save credits if you want.

You don’t mention who makes up your party, but if we got the deluxe dining plan, we’d be doing ALL the character meals!

Then you are doing it just to add extra buffets?

We’re doing all QS for our trip, but the character breakfasts really appeal to us. DH eats like a child and DS2 obviously does too, so they’d be happy with typical buffet food.

I am very confused.

The deluxe plan is 3 table service meals a day plus two snacks, per person, per night?

The OP asked for tips on what to do with their deluxe dining plan. I said that we would enjoy character buffets if we were purchasing the deluxe dining plan. We have no version of the dining plan for our trip. I was just sharing my opinion with the OP. You misread my response. :wink:

Oh- the green threw me off-but- you would do 3 buffets a day? It would be a money saver ( around $150 per day for 3 character meals per day/per adult) but could you do that?

Ahh, that makes sense. We would probably do breakfast buffet and dinner. I don’t think we could eat enough food to cover the deluxe dining plan. The QS/TS combo plan would be more our speed.
I agree with your suggestion that the OP use some signature dining to use up some of the credits.

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Other than chef Mickey, what breakfast buffets do you recommend. We are two adults, 14 yr old and 5 yr old.

Garden Grill has a great character breakfast–it’s family style rather than buffet.
Tusker House is another great character meal. My DS loves 'Ohana for breakfast (character meal, family style).

We enjoyed the breakfast buffet at Boma at AKL on our AK morning. We are adventurous eaters and found a very wide variety of delicious and interesting choices. We were there at 7am, ate our fill, and still made it to AK in time for rope drop and rode FOP before park opening.

The breakfast buffet at The Wave at the Contemporary was a good traditional American breakfast with cute Mickey waffles. If you have a second MK day, it’s another good & easy breakfast choice, then walk to MK after eating.

We loved dinner at Brown Derby at HS and it is two dining credits. Loved the ambiance of the room, the filet, my champagne!

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