Last-minute trip and fast passes

We decided to take a last minute trip and go down in 2 weeks. Of course all the good fast passes are gone now. Is it better to get fp for the available things now or hold out and try day of for better options.?

Far from an expert, but I’d get them now - you’re ahead of the people who don’t know you can book them in advance - and then still try day-of to modify them better.


Definitely get FPs now, and still attempt to modify them over the next few weeks.


Suggestion: If you’re hitting the parks early, get FP’s that you can use and clear early, which sets you up for Same Day drops for the primo ones you couldn’t score.

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I think I like this gambit. So you’re saying to get the best ones you can at 9, 10, and 11. Then, if you can’t modify them to something better, you can at least use them up and start looking for the really good ones 4th, 5th etc on the same-day drops? Is that right?

That’s a little different tactic than just finding the ones you like better, but maybe not at a great time.

Tier 1 or bust. I like it.

I’d stress this though; my suggestion is just one option. 3 early FP’s obviously wouldn’t work if OP is not showing up early to the park, or the touring plan they build doesn’t line up well with the FP’s available (so OP would be criss-crossing all over the park, for rides they really aren’t interested in anyway).
Depends on the park too; MK is going to have more FP options available to score throughout the day.
OP may still be figuring out which parks to be at on which days of this last minute trip, so it’s kinda of hard to know whether my suggestion works for them or not.
Regardless, I agree with the other comments; book what they can get now.

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Right, I agree with all those caveats but it’s a little bit of a different take than most suggestions and I like the logic of it. I’m toying with the idea of bopping down there at some point before our next big trip and it might work for us. Thanks!

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