Last Minute Trip and Fast Passes 5/23-5/27

Just booked airfare and hotel and I still have to purchase my tickets. We are staying onsite. Last visit there was no such thing as Fast Pass plus. Are we going to be out of luck for fast passes? Going 5/23-5/27.

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You’re still in the 30-60 day mark before your trip. You’ll probably still be able to get several FPPs that you will want. But don’t delay. :grinning:

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Thanks for the quick reply! I am purchasing my tickets this weekend!


You should be ok. The only things that typically go very early are Anna & Elsa, and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Just about everything else you can get up to a day or two before hand. You can also get those two difficult ones if you have a little good luck and determination and just keep checking for them.

If you don’t get a Fast Pass for Seven Dwarfs, go first thing in the morning. We had a FP for 10:30 pm, but we wanted to go on it during the day too, so queued up right away (without running to it). The line was long (we started outside the queue area!), but it moved fast and it wasn’t hot yet so we were OK. Later in the day, we decided to do that again, but the line just DRAGGED! We waited close to an hour and there were stretches where we just didn’t move. Our theory was that there were a lot more people with FPs at that time of day, and that was really slowing down the standby line.