Last Minute Ticket Questions

I have an acquaintance who is going to MK for one day next week and was asking me about tickets. I always plan far in advance so I’m not familiar with purchasing last minute, especially now that dates are associated with the tickets. So my questions are :

  1. She is not sure what day she is going. It looks to me like she’ll have to pick the day when buying the ticket. What if she changes her mind on the day?

  2. I’m assuming she can get information to link the tickets in MDE but she’s not staying on sight so she’ll need the actual tickets. Since it’s too late to get them in the mail, where can they be picked up and how does that work?

  3. I had told her to buy tickets in advance but her daughter is two and she just told me she is pregnant so there won’t be any big rides to worry about for FPP. Is it better advice to just avoid all of the complications and have her buy tickets day of?