Last minute Thanksgiving

We just booked a last minute Thanksgiving trip. Many restaurants are full for this time period (which is to be expected), but does anyone have last minute dining ideas? I’m trying the reservation finder. I have also wondered about lounge menus? We will likely be at HS for Thanksgiving day. Also are they still releasing more FPP?

How many of you are there?

A quick peek shows me that on Thanksgiving Day there are still plenty of restaurants with availability. None, though, at HS. But if you’re willing to visit another park or Disney Springs there are still some great choices. I just saw Tiffins and Morimoto both available at lunch that day, among many others!

Make sure to check Disney Dinning Reservations about one to two days before you need one. Many are dropping their reservations so they don’t get charged the $10 per person fee if they find they do not need it. Many people book multiple reservations for various times and parks and when they get their they choose which one’s to keep and which one’s to cancel.

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There are 4 of us and I would prefer to stay at HSbfir lunch because of FPP Times. I just saw a reservation but I checked my fast pass time and when I clicked back it was gone! I have learned my lesson book and cancel later.

Used the reservation finder and just got our Thanksgiving day reservation at Hs Prime time cafe.

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Glad it worked out for you. Last year we got last minute Liberty Tree Tavern reservations, but when we got there we found a bunch of places (including many CS) were doing specials Thanksgiving Day. Ended having a nice meal in the ASMu food court as it was the last day of our trip and we wanted something simple.