Last Minute Reservations Trip Report

This is a follow up to another posting a few weeks ago about using DVC confirmed reservations that some brokers and DVC owners offer. Ever since we made a trip to WDW earlier this year my wife & I have been discussing how neat it would be to plan another visit in 2018 during F&W which we’ve never attended. Then a couple of weeks ago I saw a confirmed reservation at David’s DVC Rentals at the GF just 10 days away. Sooo we made a completely impulsive, spur of the moment decision, and decided “Oh why not.” It worked perfectly, even with such a last-minute reservation, and wanted to share that experience for the benefit of others wondering if that was a good idea or not. The GF is very expensive, but renting DVC points was a substantial savings compared to what Disney charges, even on sale or bounce back. There were other less expensive options available, but at locations we didn’t prefer and for stays that didn’t fit our schedule. So we went this route.

In our case the DVC owners made our Magic Express reservations for us, and Disney managed to expedite our ME confirmation letter along with park tickets so we had all that before leaving for Orlando. We even make (and modified) Fast Pass and ADRs as late as Saturday before flying to Orlando on Sunday. No joke. I mention all that so anyone contemplating a last-minute reservation knows that it is possible to line up that sort of stuff, when conventional wisdom for WDW trips says all that should be made many months in advance. In fact, we even asked the GF concierge at 11 AM on our last day to see of a luncheon reservation was available at the Biergarten restaurant, which she made for 12:15 PM. Yeah, I know, Biergarten during the F&W festival … don’t ask :blush:. My point is, anything is possible. In this case, the last-minute risks were well worth the effort.

It was a blast! The F&W festival was everything it was cracked up to be. It was our first time there. I see now why it is so popular. Had some wonderful conversations with people we met there. Weather was great. Even got to go swimming in the resort pool … in November!! And of course, our GF DVC room was a lot like Mary Poppins: “practically perfect in every way.” It even had a remote controlled TV screen inside the bathroom mirror so you could watch TV while taking a bath. Seriously, I’ve never seen that before.

Speaking of our room, I was brushing my teeth one morning in the bathroom and happened to glance down at the floor. Tell me Disney didn’t embed a “hidden Mickey” in the floor tile of a GF guest room!?!

An unexpected treat while we were there this week was watching Disney Chef Erich Herbitschek (the gray-haired gentleman pictured below) and his crew construct the Ginger Bread house in the GF lobby for the upcoming Christmas season. In addition to his pastry crew decorating the house, a cast member (complete with gingerbread cake on hand for guests to sample) was standing by to explain the whole process for those who walked by. The whole house, and I mean WHOLE house is made out of eatable ginger bread and frosting. I learned that after the Christmas season the gingerbread and frosting is donated to a local bee farm where bees feed off the sugar in the food for use in their own hives. So cool.

So anyway, that’s the long and short of it. We had a great time.


Sounds great!

Thanks for the follow up and the pictures!

Hooray for a good trip!!

Wow, your last moment trip certainly worked out well! Love that little tidbit about the gingerbread house getting donated to the bees!

Wow, that sounds so amazing! And I wasn’t aware about the gingerbread house donation to the bees. I love that! May I ask you a question about your DVC rental of points? Were you searching for the last minute dates or did you go to a specific part of David’s site to find a last minute deal? I love a spur of the moment kind of trip! Even if it’s Disney. So glad to see you pulled it off!

It was more like all the planets, stars and moon aligning. My wife & I are the kind of people who like to explore all options, so I was simply showing her what we “could do” next year, using that site’s dedicated reservations link as an example of what might be possible. We’ve been married so long that each of us knew what the other was thinking as soon as that reservation popped up. The down side is that it may be a while now before we go back.

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How awesome is that! So exciting it worked out. And I hope it isn’t too long before you return home. Disney somehow finds a way to lure us all back, haha.

It’s been mentioned out here many time already and I just put a post out in the accomandations section on the MVT Labor day special for 2018. It might be of interest to you. Magical Vacations Travel has some very deep discount on rooms such as Poly. and other deluxe rooms. I won’t go on and on about this. If you have an interest check out my post.

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I’m definitely interested and will go check out your post now! I’m new to this forum and still figuring it all out. Thank you!

had a reservation for Disney World at the Port of New Orleans Riverside which I made online at Heard about MVT out here and went to Darcy and asked for a quote. Found out I could save $1000.00 going through MVT. Just went out the MVT web site and found out about the Labor Day Special for 2018. Aug. 15 to Sept.5. Booked Poly for a savings of over $4000.00. Worth a look see!

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What?! That’s amazing! Thanks!