Last minute questions

We’re now less than a week away, and I’m starting to panic, just a little. Mainly to do with the strikes that are going to affect us, but I do have a few questions that you wonderful Liners can help me with.

OK, first stay is BLT, 1 bed lake view. If we want a partial MK view I ask for north wing, even numbered to get the outside arc rooms right? But will we be able to see the water pageant from there too? I think we’d def want to see that, rather than just the top of space mountain!

2nd stay, Kidani 1bed, std view. Any suggestions on room request to try for a partial savannah view?

New Year’s Day, DS and I are doing the Discover World Showcase tour, starting at 8:15. Park still opening at 9, so will get early entry. What if park opens at 8, will they let us in early? Anyone know which side of Epcot is the early entry entrance? Just worried about getting caught up in rope drop crowd. Aiming to be there for 7:30, using taxi or uber - not risking buses/monorail.

NYE - wasn’t planning to be in parks unless either DS wants to go to Epcot. DS wanted to go to planet Hollywood, but looks like that’s out, so have Portobello booked as back up. Any recent reviews? We like Italian food i.e.: pasta and the thin crispy base pizza. Any other suggestions for Italian or burgers/steaks but NOT Raglan Road. (Irish pubs? Quite enough of them at home thanks!).

Chances of walk ups at the Wave if we decide to eat out of busy times?