Last minute questions about UOR

Great! I hope they are helpful so that you can tour more efficiently.

I did some searching and most news sites say the water temp at VB is “at least 80 degrees” year round.

I did find this though:

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Ooohh. I can hang with 85 especially if it isn’t too windy! Thanks for sharing.

@darkmite2 I’m practicing with wait time alerts today and have all my notifications set on my iphone but I’m noticing that when I go into the app there’s no more info about the notification - it just sort of disappears. Meaning I can see on my lock screen a notification came through but then it’s gone. In the app I found the wait time alerts in the profile section but no where can I find which alert went off. I’m not sure if this is clear - essentially I’m finding it hard to track which alert I’m being alerted to!

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That is odd. I use Android. When my notification comes up it will say “Rip Rock It wait time 20 minutes”

Are you able to see you recently received notifications in your phone settings? Maybe that will help

Thanks. Yes it will notify me but it seems fickle. I’m going to keep practicing. Today the landing page gave me wait times rather than “buy tickets” so I’m not sure what that was all about.

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