Last minute question about an upcoming trip

Our first family vacation to Universal Orlando is quickly approaching :grinning: and I wanted to check to make sure I’m not forgetting anything.

I have the room booked, tickets purchased, some dining reservations, and a basic outline of a touring plan. What am I forgetting?

Also, I’m not sure what time we should arrive at the bus stop to RD the parks. USF opens at 9:00 and IOA has a 8:00 EPA? We’re staying at Endless Summer.

And can I get actual tickets at my resort? I just have digital ones and think it would be easier if everyone had their own ticket.

Thanks for any advice.

Do you have the UOR app? check that, I see you have digital tickets
Are you familiar with the locker system at certain attractions?

The buses will be running 60 minutes before park open/EPA time.

Yes, just head to a kiosk or the planning desk. I agree they are still handy for the lockers, etc


Buy lanyards for everyone to put their tickets in, especially if you’re thinking of getting Express Passes.


I second getting lanyards. We were a longtime Disney family and didn’t think we needed them. We were wrong and bought them at the Surfside.

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Thank you for all the responses!
I bought the lanyards yesterday :slight_smile:

I have another question. When making my initial plans I highlighted several rides:

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman
Escape From Gringotts
Despicable Me
Race through New York
The Simpson Ride

BUT I cannot remember why I highlighted them?

Are those rides with lockers, rides with 3D glasses, rides that could potentially make us queasy? Can anyone help me?

Thanks again.

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I’m sure it’s because of the motion sickness potential.

FJ and Simpsons definitely are the highest risk.



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