Last minute dinner changes

Leaving in a week and am looking for advice on some last minute food changes. I had Via Napoli booked for dinner and gave that up due to me and dairy not being friends lately :cry: I booked restaurant Marrakesh primarily due to last minute availability but the menu does look nice.

Would you stay with this choice or look for something else? We are staying at the Swan and I could still book those restaurants via open table. Mainly looking for something in the EPCOT area.

On a different night I currently have Flying Fish and Takumi - Tei that I’m trying to decide which one to keep. Any help with that decision would also be welcomed :grin: We would not get the tasting menu at Takumi - Tei if that makes a difference but would likely splurge for DH to have a taste of A5 wagyu.

If you like sushi, Kimonos in the Swan is outstanding.

Our family loves sushi and really enjoyed kimonos. I believe the karaoke starts nightly around 9pm. We found it highly entertaining.

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We love Marrakesh. The service is great. We enjoy bringing kids there to dance with the belly dancer. The look of total joy on our 5 yo great granddaughter’s face is priceless.

I used to get the lemon chicken but there’s so much entree I never had room for dessert. So I’ve been getting the seafood bastilla appetizer as my entree and then the dessert bastilla.

DH always orders soup everywhere he eats and enjoyed his soup and shared my dessert.

My sister gets lamb. Her teen granddaughter likes the beef shish kebob.

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We loved Marrakesh too. Food was good but the dancing was fun with our 11 year old son and his friend.

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