Last minute Crescent Lake dinner

Which places are likely to have last minute dinner reservations available in the Crescent Lake area? Arrival day we get into MCO at 5. Might pass out. Or might want to eat and wander the boardwalk.

I always walk to the Dolphin and eat in the BlueZoo lounge.

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Crew’s Cup might be a good option too?

21+ or ok of DD15 is along?

Yes! DD can go to both!

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Thanks! Just the two of us this trip. Her motto is “No Sleep In Disney”. But we have full days at work/school before we get on the plane. I don’t want an ADR in case we are exhausted. And she loves the street performers on Boardwalk so I thought we could have a low key dinner and take in the atmosphere.

Kimonos for sushi at Swan, and Ample Hills on the BW.
Easy choice for me.

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Ooh. Thanks. Sushi might be a good call. Definitely getting dessert at AH.

Do they usually allow walk ups? As long as there is not a convention?

I don’t think they even take reservations.
I also doubt a convention would buy out a sushi joint.

One of the many good things about Swolphin is that you don’t have to play into the whole farce of Walt’s adr game. Check Opentable if anything, but I don’t think Kimonos takes ressies.

My take on Kimonos is this:
It’s about as good as your decent neighborhood sushi joint, AND the prices of standard nigiri are not jacked up hotel/Wallyworld price, so, imo it’s a total gem. You can definitely pay up for hipster mayomaki, but simple nigiri is priced very well.

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I think you are right about not taking ADRs. I see them listed in MDE, but no reservation. I asked about the conventions because the one weekend I did try to go there it was closed for a private event one night, and crazy busy (not able to get in) the next. @brerbeer, I believe, recommended it in the past. It might have been an usual convention, I couldn’t get into Bluezoo that weekend either but Crew’s Cup was quiet.